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A new age of innovative biomedical instruments offering brand-new biomedical diagnosis and treatment is coming into being. Soon we will have high-quality biomedical services without limit on location and time by attaching medical devices to or implanting them in the human body. The significant evolution of biomedical electronics with ability of interfacing to body is the background of this medical innovation regarding personal, mobile, and real-time medical services. We at the BIE Lab are working on three representative research topics to lead this new movement:

  • Minimizing the need for surgery to save cost/time in medical treatment and enhance patients’ experience
  • Interfacing/implanting electronics for mobilized medical care
  • Evaluating biomedical stability/reliability of medical devices for translation to real biomedicine.
    (Each topic is independent but also covers the needs of each other.)

Biodegradable Medical Devices

Soft & Flexible Bio-Devices

Reliability of Biomedical Devices

Application & Demonstration


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